woman in yellow dress standing on brown sand under blue sky

The Divine Shift is upon us. Align with the Yinlightenment, the tantric enlightenment of this New Paradigm with the ancient knowledge of Devi Tantra.

There is a whole world beyond the dream of a healthy family, a comfortable home, a good marriage and a career that pays well.  Anything that we can envision and feel becomes a part of our world.  Our dreams and wishes are unique and meant to create our lives. If you can connect with your true desires, then you will understand what you are here to create and then live the life of your dreams.

Face your truth and find your Yinlightenment with Devi Tantra!

Fill your home with bliss.  Let your work revolve around your passion.  Travel to heaven with your lovers and use your love to turn your world into art. When we all do this, it will change our collective reality.

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About Erin

The more time I spend exploring dimensions with meditation, the stranger my life becomes.  I am a living example of the power of profound trust in life. I want this for you too!  I can help you get there….

I’ve been wandering the earth as an art gypsy, making art and studying Tantric Yoga for the last twenty years. I’ve painted and apprenticed under legendary artists, made art for Cathedrals, Mosques and Synagogues all over the world, predicted futures in art trance, channeled angels and deities, studied with yoga and meditation masters, painted live at amazing parties and danced and danced and danced.

I am also a single mother who has faced down extreme adversity and trauma to build a beautiful life for my son. No matter what, I’ve I held fast to the art and yoga that connects me to my soul and shares it with this world.  I am able to find the pleasure in every situation This has generated a deep understanding of life and success as a self-employed artist and healer. 

I want to share these things with you and help you to build your life around your source. If we all live in this ecstatic way, we can bring more and more beauty and bliss to the world around us.

Join our collective Yinlightenment…..

What is Enlightenment?

Enlightenment is a state of being where you understand deeply that everything you see, hear, feel, taste and smell is light. The experience of tantric enlightenment-Yinlightenment– is found through our feminine life giving, perpetuating and creative practices.

Art and yoga help you to see who you really are and to fill world with your true nature