Confronting the Darkness

Embrace the Darkness! Learn to see in the dark…Deeply accept addiction, divorce, loss of job, conflicts with loved ones, illness and all of the darks and lights that life has to offer. Look at life from a tantric perspective and see absolutely everything as an aspect of the divine source that enlivens you. When you are able to do that, problems unravel and challenges become your greatest source of inspiration.Learn to embrace every part of your life as a gift and guidance, not only towards your goals, but the trajectory of your soul. Balance your polarities….The way to create a life where you are contributing your energy to the things you love is to admit to yourself why you are actually here and then to find ways to spend your time the way you really want to. From this understanding you can find bliss in the greatest challenges that life offers as you see how they bring you into a blissful understanding of your endless self.

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