Subtle Ways of the Goddess

She is the genetic police, the prime-optimal social engineer and yet she has lost the framework for exercising her power. It is possible and actually called for, in this desperate age, for her to establish and hold the bar for the masculine to rise towards and meet her. Most women only know how to attempt to fit into this tattered old paradigm which created the industrial revolution, but also the death of our environment. Her greatest power, so far, has been to disappear and subtly impart her influence. After waiting open and available; flowing, unacknowledged or noticed, with all of her bounty to nurture her children and lovers, the Feminine can and often does choose to be the one that got away or to disappear into inequity. In that, she wins the game, for all of those she was feeding start to wither and die in her absence. Isn’t there more? There must be more….

This, on a microcosmic level, has been a tool for unappreciated women to begin their rise into power: make our full-throttle selves and the flow of our attention scarce and the masculine will seek it out, hunt it down and value it when they experience it, because they worked for it. It’s so easy! All we have to do is disappear and they will notice us in our absence; they will gratefully consume us as we satiate the deep hunger that developed. Women don’t want to admit that this is a fundamental aspect of the interplay between the masculine and feminine and will endure sometimes a whole life of attempts to be authentic with others that get increasingly tainted with desire to be noticed and reciprocated and eventually come across as an assault. “Authenticity” that isn’t even related to their deep inner nature anymore because their focus has been on the feelings of others; on finding ways to be acknowledged and received, not on delving deeper into who and what they actually are.

On a broader level this is present in the power of nature. The forests and rivers are here for us, openly feeding us as we notice or not, but when we don’t honor or try to support this flow; when we take advantage of it and overconsume it in a destructive way, it becomes toxic and disappears….its ability to support life evaporates. The trees are creatures that gently spend their lives reaching for the sun and the center of the earth, producing oxygen, homes and shade. When we cut them down, they no longer exist and we suffer…..this has been the ultimate power of the feminine. The true offering and power of the feminine is thus uncharted territory because her expanse into enlightened thriving-Yinlightenment, the exploration of the mystery has no map and any directions established during the last matriarchal era have been lost.

So what is the alternative? There is a paradigm shift happening and the goddess is coming full force to our realm. She lives in the heavens cultivating herself and the full power of her archetypes embodied. She comes to participate when we openly ask and gives us access to magical aspects of supporting life beyond the wildest dreams of laymen. If we don’t appreciate, acknowledge or try to meet and understand, she tears it away–gleefully allowing us to suffer in her absence and giving her boons to someone else who can receive and appreciate them. Kali, the greatest teacher mother, inviting us to cut off our own heads to finally understand the truth of our minds. More and more she comes whether we invite her or not. As the cosmic interplay between the masculine and feminine polarities shifts away from masculine heavy and into balance, she comes to participate freely and to create us in her light.

How does this relate to the relationship of women and men? Women are becoming the goddess versions of ourselves! It is easily accessible for those who choose to embrace their full power!

When a woman moves her attention away from the thoughts and feelings of others, away from being operated and fed by the acknowledgment and attention of others and into knowing herself deeply, she begins to understand her true power. When a woman stops directing her flow towards that which receives it and instead emits to her heart’s delight like a volcano, like the ocean, like the moon; unconcerned about overwhelming or overpowering and willing to spread her nutritious self to the ends of the earth as it pleases her, into those who are capable or receiving her and meeting her, this changes our current paradigm. No longer are we defined by what is appropriate or allowed and instead we seek to understand our full throttle nature, even by slathering it all over everyone around us with only curiosity about its effect. When all women operate this way with reckless abandon, there will be nowhere to turn for those who want to avoid being smothered with nurturing. As the goddess comes to this dimension, playfully and recklessly fashioning it in her light, in her personage and preferences with no regard for being received or met and kicking out anyone or anything who can’t enter or feel the sacred energy in her temple, the healing of our world takes over.

When you and I move our attention inward, into our ability to incubate new life and focus our energy on birthing what we want to inhabit the space around us, our lives change and the world changes. When we remove our need for the masculine to relate to us in the old ways: the knight in shining armor who rescues us and formulates our life for us and instead allow and trust men to energetically support our expansion, to receive the benefits of our bursting into life, they come into alignment with their true supportive inseminating power. As our individual men reap the benefits of their easy place as protective benefactors and fertilizer physical creators, it extends into mankind and we all fall into natural balance with each other and with our Earth.

You can begin to create this in your life through small acts as prayers for divine balance. With your creative energy you can seek to understand yourself, you can show up with your full presence, you can support yourself into full expression and model this for those around you. You can receive the divine nurturing around you with reverence and support it with your pillars of strength. We can all wake up to this in an instant and create heaven on earth……

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