The Value of Ether

Once upon a time women were required to give of their skills with no expectation of payment beyond being kept and protected in house and home. Since they were also deprived of many societal rights and unable to achieve the same level of monetary compensation as men, they were left with virtually no choice but to provide their life bringing, nurturing, sustaining skills pro-bono in exchange for being allowed to exist. The very necessary services they provided were taken for granted and minimized in importance compared to the functions of brute strength and industrial technological development.

As a professional creative and healer, I’ve spent most of my life living in an alternate economic system with other people like me. We were able to support each other, creating beautiful art worlds out of garbage and abandoned buildings, materializing our visions, dreams and grand offerings with the unrecognized commodities of the material world and figuring out ways of presenting it so that the Normies would find it valuable. Like gods, we orchestrate the nature and function of the Bourgeoisie, our unavoidable urge to create beauty and bliss and our impoverished desperation, an incubator for innovation and methods to rise up out of suffering. We find others of our caliber and understanding to give to with reckless abandon in trust that they receive it with high regard and reciprocate; holding each other, lifting each other and rising as a collective. Yet when we offer ourselves to those who are not artists, we are often consumed completely, pillaged and left to suffer like the women throughout the last few thousand years of history, like the ether channelers of the Dark Ages.

Change is happening now that we face the prospect of exterminating ourselves as a species because of an over-abundance of industry that doesn’t account for life preservation. We have nearly achieved a level of technology that renders many of our human brute strength functions unnecessary. Now our largely unexplored meta-level faculties are becoming more important: our creativity, our ability to mold and control atoms with perception, the ability to create and emit beauty, our intuition, our mind-body connection, the nurturing and perpetuation of life, perhaps our way of living in harmony with this planet and most of all love. These things are feminine-spectrum qualities that we all have in some measure. They were largely reduced to hobbies, developed as a source of pleasure, sometimes heralded and paid for when one achieves a level of genius or expertise and raises the collective bar on beauty and perfection, but often forced by the physically bigger ones as a basic necessity to support labor and industry.

Over the last century or two, our technology has made our etheric advancements more widely available. More recently, perhaps the majority of people spend much of their spare time in front of a screen consuming or outputting these creative offerings. During the covid lock-down, our earth even began to rapidly heal as humans were en-masse locked indoors, left only with their ability to nurture life, the comfort of their home environment and the creative content they had built up.

Yet we still work with a value system that doesn’t account for the intricacies of our feminine creative nurturing faculties. The subtle ways of ether in fact truly only holds the value escribed by its recipient. The receiver only gets the benefits that they are able to feel or willing to acknowledge. If they feel that a creative or nurturing commodity contains zero value, then they eschew its prospective benefits and if an etheric-based offering is given a negative value, it can perhaps hurt the one it is presented to. Alternatively if this type of product or service is accepted in high regard, its benefits can reach far and wide; affecting its immediate recipient, perhaps moving on to light up everyone they encounter, and potentially affecting most people through the internet.

These gifts of our subtle nature have the power to change our collective thought, shift our way of living, improve our health and happiness, move us into higher realms of beauty and improve our whole quality of life. Yet we are usually expected to produce and offer them without expectation of compensation. A person who devotes their life to mastering and refining these very necessary skills usually has to do so in poverty, against great adversity and undergo many years and rounds of giving without acknowledgement, support or reciprocation.

Currently when someone patronizes a hotel or restaurant, they are wiling to pay high dollar for an impersonal, plastic, loveless version of the service that a mother gives often without recompense or appreciation. People go to spas to receive an abbreviated baseline version of the cutting edge healing practices that they would get from a practitioner who spends their energy on advancing their skills and knowledge instead of marketing. People go to night clubs to participate in a play about the frenzy of creative bliss events that artists create together in the underground. People pay $7000 for a gigantic yellow canvas with a good story and resume, while expecting artists, who don’t understand marketing but pour their whole hearts and innovation into their art, to decorate their place for free or even pay for public wall space. This is normal; this is the framework of our society right now.

When one like me begins to offer openly to all who come my way, only to be taken for granted and drained, I naturally become exclusive, expensive and the quality of my offering becomes reliant on a specific dollar amount-giving it a ceiling of benefit and rendering it without its ability to forge a path of beauty and bliss far and wide. It seems I have no choice, to openly give in this time is to quickly realize how cautious I must be because many people still want to take as much as they can get and to give as little as possible. If something is priceless, it runs the risk of having its value ignored.

Women from our prior generations established a mysterious emotional currency system that was mostly felt; a value that arose after giving, as a woman felt the value of her energy and a sense of entitlement to some sort of reciprocation. This was a necessary transition from virtual slavery to established value, but became a passive aggressive way of extracting energy from the beneficiaries of their work, creating resentment for those they love and fear of openly receiving in their offspring. People now are expected to be personally responsible for their tendency to over-give, to establish the exact amount of help needed and state the price before services rendered. Is that optimal? Doesn’t that take something away from the act of giving? Why must we choose between turning ourselves into a marketable commodity or opening our hearts at the risk of being sucked dry by people who don’t care to consider the value of our energy unless they are told to? There must be a way to create a system for energy exchange where people don’t self-sacrifice or give more than what is wanted, where energy is valuable, where love is treasured, where thriving is the goal.

It is vitally necessary to our collective survival that we all value our ability to nurture life, to live in alignment with the planet, to develop our psychic subtle understanding of and to emit beauty. There is currently a great loss of our potential survival and ascension happening in the tendency to collectively prevent the flourishing of our meta-level lifestyle skills.

How do we impart this gift to the whole of humanity when the basic instinct is still to reduce the value of feminine etheric creations?

How do we establish a reliable value for these skills and offerings that are necessary to our thriving as a species?

The capitalistic way of reducing the value of human labor is fading away as labor becomes less important. We can no longer quantify the value of human output within the constraints of force and time. We are undergoing a revolution of itemizing the different types of energetic output and exchange through the development of crypto currency. If people are able to develop, enhance these abilities without having to pass through great hardship to freely offer them, we will ascend and thrive as a species on this planet.

A system to appreciate and receive these boons is being developed–people are rapidly enhancing their sensitivity and as they learn to appreciate they also learn to create. The tools, like meditation, energetic healing and yoga, that are necessary to receive the subtleties of these faculties and access our greater power are being normalized and made widely available. I believe that there is beauty and joy happening every day to match the suffering and decimation that we see in the media. At first a trickle and now a deluge of people are recognizing their personal responsibility and power to develop the skills to participate in this new paradigm; to give great value to our greater capacities and encourage those who devote their lives to advancing our collective understanding of these new frontiers.

There is a great loss in the maligning and exclusivity of our subtle skills. Currently the easiest way to establish value for these feminine etheric offerings is to make them inaccessible to most. How bright would our future look if people could give of and explore these faculties with reckless abandon, knowing for sure that this will not result in a self-sacrifice?

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