Somatic Healing

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Supported Yoga

Together we create a personal practice for you. I support you into your perfect alignment for each pose , so that you understand how it should feel. We meditate together and you will be able to feel true meditation after this yoga practice. I leave you with tools for your personal practice. This can be in person or via Zoom.

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Somatic Massage

Healing the mind and soul through the body.

We begin with meditation and intention setting. Using structural alignment, cranial sacral, myofacial release, Hot Sacred Rocks, energy work and hypnotic suggestion, I help you to align every cell in your body to your source.  Together we create your body in your highest light.

I can bring the spa to your home, or I have offices in Paonia and the Roaring Fork Valley

​Somatic yoga massage instruction is also available to individuals and couples

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Enlightenment Coaching

Face Your Truth….

Through questions and deep listening,  I help you find your true feelings and desires in a specific situation or your life in general. This can happen online or as part of a somatic body work session. Leave with a deep understanding of your true way of living.  Make a shift in your life in one session.