The 64 arts of the Kama Sutra

  1. Singing
  2. Playing a musical instrument
  3. Dancing
  4. A combination of singing, using musical instruments and dancing
  5. Writing and drawing
    6.The Art of Tattooing
    7.Adorning an idol with flowers
  6. The art of spreading flowers on a bed or on the ground
  7. Coloring fabrics, nail and body with colors from plants
  8. Fixing colored glass tiles on floor
    11.The art of making a bed
    12.Producing music by striking glasses of water
  9. The art of storing water in reservoirs
  10. The art of picture making and decorating
  11. Making rosaries, necklaces, garlands
  12. Tying turbans
  13. Stage playing
  14. The art of making ear ornaments
  15. The art of making perfumes
  16. Proper care of jewels, decorations and ornaments
  17. Magic (sorcery)
  18. Manual skills
  19. Cooking (culinary skills)
  20. Making combination drinks and flavored drinks i.e.– lemonades, sherbet etc
  21. Tailoring and sewing
  22. Making handicrafts e.g.– parrots, flowers etc. from thread
  23. Skilsl to solve riddles, puzzles and covert speeches
  24. The skill of Antakshari (a singing game were one must start with the letter with which other person’s song ended)
  25. The skill of imitating natural sounds
  26. Reading, chanting and intoning
  27. Mastering tongue twisters
  28. Skills at martial arts (the skills to use sword, stick, bow and arrow)
  29. Skill to reach logical conclusions based on given facts
  30. Carpentry
  31. Architecture
  32. Knowledge about gold, silver and gems
  33. Chemistry (knowledge of properties of materials)
  34. The art of coloring jewels or beads
  35. Knowledge of mines
  36. Gardening
    41.The art of cock fighting (getting cocks, quail or rams to fight and make the fowl/animal victorious)
    42.Teaching parrots or starlings to talk
    43.Applying perfumes on body and hair
  37. Understanding of code language
  38. Spoonerism (purposefully interchanging position of letters of words while speaking)
  39. Knowledge of languages
  40. Knowledge of making flower chariots
  41. Knowledge of making mystical graphics, spells and charms and ways to avoid spells
    49.Mental exercises
  42. Composing poems
  43. Knowledge of dictionaries and vocabulary
  44. The art of impersonation
  45. Impersonation of materials i.e.– make common things appear fine rare substances (make cotton appear to be silk)
  46. Knowledge of gambling
  47. Using mantras (enchantments) to take away others’ possession
    56.Skills in sports and games
    57.The art of social conduct, paying respect and sending compliments
  48. Knowledge of war, arms and army deployment
  49. Knowledge of gymnastics
  50. The skills of knowing a person’s real character from his conduct
  51. The skill of reading and composing verses
  52. The skills of enjoying arithmetic puzzles
  53. Making artificial flowers
  54. Making images with clay